Transec Online Transformer Drying Solutions – Control Systems and Monitoring Cabinet Tendering Opportunity.
TRANSEC ELECTRIC Ltd created the first TRANSEC unit in 2004. Cooperation with Streamer Electric AG began soon after as The Global Agent and in 2019 TRANSEC UK Ltd was taken over by Streamer Electric AG, creating TRANSEC Electric Ltd. Design improvements followed, including the launch of the New CL3 TRANSEC in 2022.

Transec would like to Retrofit existing units established globally and also our new 2022 Transec Range with Online/Remote Access with Localised HMI and Remote User Reporting and Monitoring.
TRANSEC units enable the continuous removal of water from the insulting oil of power transformers. They have been installed in over 20 countries worldwide. The TRANSEC cylinders within these units extract water at a speed that's directly linked to the amount of water available in the transformer, and the warmer the oil is, the faster extraction will be.

Maintaining a low level of moisture in a transformer provides significant benefits in terms of operations and risk as it carries a constant high insulation level. It is therefore possible to load the transformer at a higher level and to make this load vary without risk of damaging the transformer.

The cylinder saturation determined by the TRANSEC User by Oil Sampling, proposed is a new Controller and Cabinet which monitors the overall health of the system, ultimately allowing saturated cylinders to be replaced as required.

Connectivity to report online/SCADA and ERP/IOT.
In a first step the monitoring unit will have to be developed. For this we will have to use the expertise from a specialized company:

  • Chose the right components to integrate all sensors in the TRANSEC system and operate all required relays. The selected device should of course communicate with a suitable protocol and be in an acceptable price range
  • Chose the right screen fitting the requirements of outside and polluted installation
  • Program the PLC in order to log all sensors data, control the system, create additional calculations and set alarms
  • Develop an HMI in order to give access to all functionalities & setting of the TRANSEC for the future users
In a second step, the communication product to user's system should be considered:

  • Select an appropriate communication protocol and prepare the standard steps to connect the PLC to a standard SCADA
  • Chose approved routers for GSM/GPRS communication that could be added in the monitoring cabinet as an option
  • Chose a gateway allowing to, if added in the system, communicate IEC 61850 then create the mapping for this IEC communication
In a final step, all this system should be enclosed in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure following all electrical norms and requirement. Wiring should be professionally made and organized. Additional component like the main safety switch with proper labelling and outside LEDs should be added.

Transec Requirements Are As Follows:

*What is required from all interested parties? A written submission by email explaining a proposed solution to specification.

*How a successful candidate will be chosen? By the solution that best fits our requirements.

*Deadline and details of how to apply? 10 working days from date of published on Transec web site and Transec kindly invite any interested Companies to contact us by reply to or for discussion on +447826666091 anytime.